Computer Music (MISTIC)
MISTIC graphic

Computer Music research originally investigated the application of computing technology to many of the activities involved in the composition of music. The introduction of additional related studies such as sound synthesis, digital signal processing, sound design, and psychoacoustics (along with many others), has broadened the range of interesting problems addressed by this research. Investigations in this area are truly multidisciplinary, involving specialists in computer science, electronic engineering, and musical composition.

Research topics pursued by lab members include:

  • new controllers: these enable innovative forms of music expression by introducing new methods for controlling instruments. Examples include: radiodrum; esitar; etbala; edholak; KiOm.
  • Marysas: An interactive and context-aware music browser.
  • Musescape: Large-scale audio synthesis and analysis library.
  • music robots: Mechanical musicians using motors, solenoids, and gears.
  • Query-by-Beatboxing: Music information retrieval for the DJ.
  • EVoQ: Electronic Voice Quality Transformation.

Group Members

  • Peter Driessen
  • W. Andrew Schloss
  • George Tzanetakis